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File infomation

Name: QtGui4.dll
Running on: All Windows systems
Security rated: Medium
Part of:
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Definition of QtGui4.dll

QtGui4.dll is a windows registry that plays an essential role in supporting the successful and smooth running of different kinds of computer programs, and also has one or more functions on such parts as communicating the hardware and various applications, supporting computer users to open the associated file and programs, and hoarding the computer configuration and system settings on it. Having any problems on it will cause many troubles for the using of computer.

Troublesome impacts of having the error on the computer

Although QtGui4.dll is not a specific program on the computer, its great contributions to the computer system operation and the software performance will make it become an indispensable part on a certain computer, if it is corrupted, or cannot be detected, or removed from the computer, the following symptoms will appear on your computer:

The above consequences of QtGui4.dll error bring to your computer system will be enough to make most of computer users cannot use their computers smoothly and successfully. And in nowadays, living without a computer is a very inconvenient can terrible thing for many people, which will be a big trouble for their jobs and daily life. Therefore, finding the key point to get rid of the error from computer is a must for the computer come back to normal.

What is Blue Screen of Death?

The Blue Screen of Death, often short for BSOD, is a term that used to describe a common system error on the Microsoft Windows, it is often regarded as a Stop Error or a bug check that would display a screen with blue color on the computer, it is a very serious problem that is often caused by the related hardware or driver issues, which make the Windows operating system lose contact with the computer hardware. When you encounter such a serious crash on your PC, you will lose the work you are in process, and even cannot restart the computer system with success.

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What are the causes of the error and their corresponding solutions?

There are usually several possibilities would cause the QtGui4.dll error on your computer, here are the most common four causes:

Cause one - virus attack. Malicious virus is one of the most serious damage for the computer system, with its entering to the computer, it will take actions to compromise the computer system like damage the computer security equipment, corrupting or rewriting the important registry, file and program. So if your computer gets the malicious virus infection, the QtGui4.dll will probably be corrupted or removed from your computer without your knowing and consent.

Cause two - the program you newly installed is not compatible with the windows system. There are many files and programs which is free to share online, some of which are designed by some inexpert people which contains a lot of bugs and incompatibilities with many windows system, so it is inevitable that the installed program cannot match with your current computer system, and the QtGui4.dll may become inactivated or avoided from performing.

Cause three - corruptions of some programs. The error also can be caused by such a situation that program which needs the QtGui4.dll get some damages, and the registry cannot effective be detected to use like daily use.

Cause four - registry problem - windows registry need to be repaired. As the wiki state that windows registry is a a hierarchical database that stores configuration settings and options on Microsoft Windows operating systems, therefore, even a very small problem in windows registry will also cause an extremely serious problem like system crash or blue screen, the specific registry like QtGui4.dll also probably be affected by the error.

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Available and corresponding solutions of the QtGui4.dll error

Solution one - Employ a good antivirus program to clean virus from your computer

A computer virus is defined as a small program that has the ability to spread its hazardous features from one computer to another, it is created by those malicious hackers and used to attack the computer operation and steal the personal and confidential information. There are thousands upon thousands viruses online in nowadays, nearly all of the computers had been affected by one or more malicious viruses on their computers, so the possibility of your QtGui4.dll being damaged by infected virus is very large. So when the error appears on your computer, go to have a system scan is check whether the computer is infected is a must.

The most effective way to conduct a virus detection is using a reputable antivirus program, this third party utility is specialized in protecting the computer from different viruses, it contains the functions of checking the computer security situation, instantly finding or detecting the infected viruses, or avoid the outside attacker coming to the computer.

Tips on how to detect and remove the infected virus:

Solution two – Reinstall the reputable program from the reputable site

Considering the defective programs may cause it become incompatible with the QtGui4.dll, you should keep in mind that always go to those famous and professional website to download and install what you need, those programs available on these sites are always designed by outstanding computer experts, and have a respectively higher compatibility. Some if you find the QtGui4.dll error is caused by the newly installed application, you should download the program immediately, and install another one which is more reputable and compatible.

How to uninstall a program completely

To reinstall a program, uninstall the previous one completely is a very important step, because there are generally some files and registry entries cannot be removed completely from the computer system, and the reinstallation will not be allowed to conduct which will prompt you that the program has been installed on your computer. This is one of the most common problem that many people would encounter on the program uninstall process. To make sure the program has been completely removed from your computer, you can refer to the following uninstall tips:

If you think that the manual uninstall process is too complex, a professional third party uninstaller can help you simplified it and can automatically remove any program, you can also try this program to do the uninstallation, the program will be removed completely with a few clicking job.

Solution three - Manually reinstall QtGui4.dll on the proper place

Theoretically, the QtGui4.dll cannot found error can be fixed through reinstalling it on the right place, but the actual fact is that reinstall the registry manually is extremely complicated and wearisome task, it will involve many complicated and demanding manual operating steps that need you to conduct them without any incorrect steps, in another word, manual reinstall procedure will involves many kinds of danger such as any incorrect modification of the registry setting may make the computer stop working or impeding the computer system's efficiency and functionality, more seriously, mistakenly removing any registry will even make the computer system cannot operate at all. So it is only suggest the computer professional to do the reinstall job.

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Remove the corrupted QtGui4.dll from computer

Solution four - invite a good registry optimizer to fix QtGui4.dll error (feasible for all causes)

Most of computer users are not the computer professionals, so they wish a way that can help them easily and quickly detect the registry error and fix it as soon as possible, in reality, is there any way can achieve this ideal effects? The answer will be a professional third party registry optimizer.

What is registry optimizer?

Registry optimizer is a kind of third party application that is specially designed to help people fix any kind of registry problem occurring on their computers. Generally, such a program contains the abilities to automatically detect and fix the error within a few of simple clicking jobs.

General advantages of using the registry optimizer are:

Ease of use. Totally different from the complex and manual operation, a professional registry optimizer will offer very easy-to-understand procedures to guide people to use it, people can easily know how to perform from its very friendly interface.

Fast scan of the existed errors. As long as activate its scan function, it will immediately to check the computer system and find out all of existed registry problems in a few minutes, so people do not need to think about what kind of registry problem on earth exists on the computer system.

Easy to fix the existed registry problem and error. When locate on the registry problems it detected, you just need to click on the fix button, and the fixing job will be done automatically in within a short time, people can effectively save the time to uninstall the incompatible programs, or reinstall the windows registry on the computer.

There are now a lot of registry optimizer available online, you can choose the one you think is much better depending on your needs. And I think there is one outstanding registry fixer which is worthy for recommending for users to install, which is Registry Nuke, a genuine designed application that can quickly and deeply scan the computer system thoroughly, and help user to fix all kinds of registry error like QtGui4.dll error effectively, moreover, other optimized service such as cleaning those useless and invalid registry entries and providing the real-time technical support is also available for this masterwork.

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Ways to fix QtGui4.dll error by Registry Nuke

As you can see, unlink those complicated and demanding manual fixing processes, Registry Nuke is not a complicated program that requires you to have a good computer knowledge as well as the experience. With its friendly designed interface and easy-to-understand operating procedure, people can quickly and easily know the proper way of using this useful tool to fix their computer system problems, and manage the error fixing process with ease.

Beside QtGui4.dll, other registry errors and system problems also can be solved by this small but powerful registry fixing tool, and the fixing processes are always as easy as the way to fix QtGui4.dll error. Don't you think that it is much more convenient when inviting such an effective registry fixer to fix various registry errors rather then repair the error problems one by one manually and completely? Haven't had such a registry fixer on your computer? Why not download and install it right now?!

Additional tips - how can protect your computer system for good

Download QtGui4.dll Error Repair Tool
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